American Tea from American Trees.

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Wondering what Yaupon Tea is? You're not alone.

Yaupon Tea Highlights

Yaupon Tea lacks tannin, a molecule found in the leaf of other teas (and coffee). Tannin causes an astringent / bitter taste, browning of the teeth and sometimes upset stomach. Without tannin, Yaupon Tea has a lighter, smooth taste and it means you can't oversteep your teabag!


Elevate your expectations. Never bitter tea.


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Come visit our new tea factory!

Ever wonder how your tea is made? Stop by our new facility in Edgewater, FL and see first hand how we make your yaupon holly teas! Located at 504 Pullman Road, Edgewater, FL
Tues - Thurs: 9-4
Friday: 9-2
Saturday: 9-12
American grown caffeine. Tea on a mission.