Yaupon Tea Taste Profile: What To Expect From Your First Cup

Yaupon Tea Taste Profile: What To Expect From Your First Cup
Yaupon Tea is an American tea with a fascinating history. It is a tea made from the Yaupon Holly plant, which grows naturally around the Gulf of Mexico. Eight thousand years ago, Native Americans that lived in the central Florida region used this tea as an everyday drink, to welcome visitors, a preparation for war, and a valuable trade commodity. The tea was integral to their culture. It wasn't until the British got involved that things went south for Yaupon Tea, but that is another story. Within the past decade, there has been a revitalization of this tea due to its health benefits and great taste.

There are several different ways to prepare the fresh leaves, ranging from drying them over several days, using heat to dry them, or fire roasting them. These different processes yield different taste profiles. Here at Rise Yaupon, we believe the best flavor results from slowly drying and turning the leaves in the open air. This produces a very mild, smooth tea with a grassy flavor. The best thing about Yaupon Tea (besides that it is made here in America and tastes great) is that it has no tannin. Tannin is the ingredient that makes beverages taste bitter. There is no bitterness in Yaupon Tea! But don't take my word for it. We participate in many farmer’s markets and events across Central Florida, providing samples of our tea blends.

The most common comments we get are:
  • “WOW!”
  • “It tastes so smooth”
  • “So you didn't add anything to it?”
  • “This is delicious!”
  • “Can I try your other blends?”
  • “Are you sure there is no sugar in it?”
  • “It tastes so refreshing!”

Of course, they can try all of our blends......

Rise Yaupon tea blends

Our America’s Classic Yaupon Tea is just the Yaupon Holly leaf with nothing added to it. Just like the Native Americans drank it.

Our Healthy Kick Tea blend appears to be the current favorite. It starts with the Yaupon Holly leaf. To that, we add different ingredients, including ginger and cinnamon. All ingredients contain antioxidant properties, so this tea is our healthiest blend. Customers expect something labeled as “healthy” to not taste very good, but Healthy Kick surprises them. Not only is it healthy for you, but it is also delicious!

Strawberry Zen Tea has strawberries and lemongrass, which results in a smooth, fruity, citrusy, and slightly tangy taste profile. Strawberry Zen is also very popular. As an added benefit, it goes great mixed with the Healthy Kick!

Chocolate Mint-Up Tea is a very refreshing tea that is, as my daughter Shelly describes it, “very mint forward with a hint of chocolate as an aftertaste.” Mint lovers love this tea.

All of our teas taste great hot or iced. For me, it depends on the weather outside and my mood. A cold rainy day shouts America’s Classic Yaupon Tea. When I’m in a contemplative mood, I reach for Strawberry Zen. If I want to go to the beach or feel under the weather, Healthy Kick does the trick. And, I can drink Chocolate Mint Up any day, any time, in any weather!

So, for your first cup of Yaupon Tea, think smooth, grassy, refreshing, and never bitter. You can't go wrong! Happy Steeping!

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